ad infinitum

I'm Elora
and I'm in the beginnings of a journey.
I'm building love for myself
so that I may carry it with me
and never feel alone
or unloved
in this vast world that is so rich and full
and yet somehow remains so
e m p t y.

101 Goals in 1001 Days
made me push ♥
ask away

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If ur pets dont like him he aint da one

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decisions decisions

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Dennis Andrianopoulos - Composing (2012)


Dennis Andrianopoulos - Composing (2012)

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I want to be better.


Laziness is a plague,
and I’ve been infected.
Need to find motivation
And then resurrect it.
It was recently said
That I’m doing just fine
A courtesy line
I don’t buy for a second

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Belle Fleur de Lis

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so many lovelies

so many lovelies

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